Here's The Main Problem With Tesla's Supercharger Network

For all the crap we give Tesla, they rightfully are worthy of to be lauded for the Supercharger community of speedy-charging stations. You want to generate across the place in your electric vehicle? Uncomplicated peasy, many thanks to the capacity to brief cost up to about an 80% tank of electron juice in about twenty minutes. Unless you and some of the hundreds of hundreds of other Tesla homeowners want to use the correct exact same Supercharger station at the correct exact same time.

I have created total rants on the topic, but I actually do enjoy the Supercharger program. Even though businesses like GM twiddle their thumbs and pen useless op-eds for CNN wanting to know who, WHO, could quite possibly establish the infrastructure their autos involve for them, Tesla just went out and did it. The freedom the actually hundreds of Superchargers enables is why, for all of Elon’s inanity, if I was in the sector for an high priced electric vehicle at the instant, I’d in all probability get a Tesla in excess of anything at all else.

But “literally thousands” of Superchargers isn’t adequate. It’s not adequate for the hundreds of thousands of autos Tesla alone wishes to establish, and other automakers are nonetheless actively playing catchup, let by yourself coming near to the variety of Superchargers that exist.

In essence, it’s going to choose some courageous firms hundreds of thousands, if not billions, of bucks, to go ahead and commence setting up brief-charging stations on the scale that we have gas stations now.

Right until then, we’ll get scenes like this in large-Tesla-possession areas, shot by a reader named Steve at the San Luis Obispo, California, Supercharger station on Thanksgiving Day:

Construct a major cafe and a Brief-E Mart and an arcade and whichever the hell it is people use to kill twenty minutes, and you will make a killing oneself.

Oh hell, I’ll do it. Any individual bought a few billion?

H/t to Steve!

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